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May 19 & 20, 2021

Seafood2030 Virtual Sustainability Forum
Designing The Future of Sustainable Seafood

Please join SeafoodSource and Seafood2030 for a free virtual event that will include a series of discussions with experts in seafood and outside the industry exploring how the seafood industry is preparing for sustainability challenges in the near future.

The seafood industry has driven a great deal of innovation around sustainability and responsible supply chains to help prepare for future challenges. Lessons learned from other industries and similar efforts are providing a roadmap for navigating an increasingly complex future.

“What we have today is a set of organizations and actions that grew up without any particular overall strategy – they were responses to particular emergencies and solutions. The challenge today, is to move from that approach to an overall system design approach – where the entirety of the organizations and efforts are connected in ways that they act as a well-functioning system for seafood, healthy oceans and fair labor. The goal here is not coordination – the whole is much too complex for that. Rather, it is about coherence, so things flow easily to the desired outcomes. Think of the highway systems – they are not constructed to coordinate everyone’s activity, but to provide channels and flows to get to diverse destinations.” Steve Waddell, Seafood Expo North America Reconnect Keynote

Four reasons to join:


Learn about designing a system that supports seafood’s efforts to address large-scale challenges like illegal fishing, climate change, and fair labor practices


Engage with initiatives in seafood that are developing innovation now to prepare the industry for a more sustainable, responsible, and competitive future


Share your voice and perspective as we collectively design the future of sustainable seafood


Build your network and knowledge to better prepare yourself for the future

Event Agenda

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10:00 AM EDT
Designing a Transformation System in Seafood

Discussion Focus: How does seafood support sustainable innovation that can address some of the industry's biggest challenges - IUU Fishing, Climate Change, weak governance, fair labor practices, and implementation of the U.N, Sustainable Development Goals. This session will share the results of a recent mapping process and will include an opportunity for audience input.

1:00 PM EDT
Deep Dive on Evaluation: How to Evaluate Progress When You Don’t Know Where You are Going

Discussion focus: Traditional evaluation programs measure progress toward a goal or output. If we do not know how to solve a problem (e.g. forced labor, plastics, climate), how do we evaluate progress? This session will look at how the seafood industry can better gauge progress around some of its most pressing challenges.

3:00 PM EDT
“Seeing is Believing” – Using Systems Mapping to Support Strategic and Business Decisions

Discussion Focus: The seafood industry operates in many complex and inter-related systems. The inability to "see" and understand the relationships, networks and systems we operate in, limits our efficiency and effectiveness in addressing challenges. This session will explore how systems mapping is helping to see through the complexity to develop sustainable innovation.

9:00 AM EDT
How Industry-led Platforms can Deliver Change

Discussion Focus: Industry-led collaborations addressing seafood sustainability have grown and evolved in recent years. These pre-competitive efforts are necessary to truly address and mitigate sustainability issues that have been identified through broad stakeholder consensus. In this session, industry leaders from both seafood and non-seafood sectors, will discuss what it takes for these efforts to be impactful, the ongoing challenges they face, and what is needed for future success.

10:30 AM EDT
Breaking Through on Human Rights and Labor Issues

Discussion Focus: Slavery, forced labor and other social issues continue to be a problem in seafood, but the seafood industry and its supply chains are an essential force for change. How can the seafood industry move from an adaptive strategy of doing less harm to a transformational strategy that supports healthy communities and fair labor practices.

1:00 PM EDT
System Design In Practice: New Approaches to Addressing IUU Fishing

Discussion Focus: Over the last 20 years a myriad of projects and programs have developed to address specific sustainability challenges and pain-points for the seafood industry. How are those individual efforts collaborating and organizing to take a more systemic approach to sustainable innovation

2:30 PM EDT
Organizing for Transformational Change – How the Conservation Alliance for Seafood Solutions is Accelerating Progress

The seafood movement has made good progress in the last 10+ years – fishing and aquaculture practices have shifted and labor rights are starting to be addressed. However, the challenges facing our ocean and the people who depend on it are continuing to grow. The Conservation Alliance for Seafood Solutions recognized an urgent need to foster large-scale change as fast as possible and has launched a new strategic plan, community, and ambitious 10-year goal. Within this strategy, collaborative partnerships with seafood businesses are critical to the Alliance’s success. Join this session to learn about the new approach and focus of the Conservation Alliance and how to get involved in the effort. Alliance leadership will share their goals and hopes for the future of the seafood movement and experts will discuss what role the Alliance might want to play in transforming the seafood sector and how being a part of the Alliance Global Hub community brings value to their work.

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